Get a full-time medical job in as little as 8 weeks!
A free referral service

Where do I go?

Career Ladders is here to help you step up.

A free referral service to:

  • Offer an alternative to college or tech schools - Students start at $14 an hour in 8 weeks
  • Help students get a C.N.A. degree from a top school
  • Call on employers needing nurses aides / bilingual is a focus
  • Get funds to help students pay for expenses and classes

Covenant C.N.A. School has free tours near the GSU Dorm


They have an 80% graduation rate

A four week program days or nights, 5 weeks on weekends.

Program Coordinator has 30 years of healthcare experience and local job contacts

Program cost is $1,000
    - Classes/training $680
    - Exam/fees and cpr course $150
    - scrubs/non slip shoe/marta card $170
    - Military discounts/scholarships/stipends for expenses available

Free tour hours


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