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Get a Tax Deduction/Buy a Ladder

Career Ladders is a registered 501c(3), classified as a medical info outreach nonprofit. Federal EIN -             Georgia, started 10/01/2015

Please contact Jim Tippett to meet on info/support of our mission. We have a low expenses ration and ask your support with updates on students' help.

We have a program called Buy A Ladder, to help students with classes or expenses.

Expenses all encompass $1,000.

We offer a tax deductible purchase:
 - $500 - 4 ft ladder
 - $1,000 - 6 ft ladder

Part of Career Ladders, Inc.'s mission is to get the word out then help students navigate up the rungs to get a certificate. We have found their success is on having the funds needed to say, get the CPR class paid for, so they can graduate. Money is short and they miss a link in the progression to a certificate. 

Key to success for the student:
 - A lack of funds takes students off class schedule/new appt is often missed.
 - We offer scholarships to students based on need. The school directs all funds.

The success of a student is having all they need to:

Start classes (scrubs, shoes) - $125           Program Cost - $1,000
At 2 weeks, CPR class $45                          - Class $680, CPR - $45, 
After 4 weeks, pay state exam $100            - State exam - $100,                                                                        Scrubs/shoes $125, Marta                                                                        pass $50

Click here for information request/support:

Jim Tippett
(678) 605-6515
3577-301 Chamblee Tucker Rd
Atlanta, GA 30341

Free referral medical job service/Educational outreach/Nonprofit
Career Ladders, Inc. ® 3577-301 Chamblee Tucker RdAtlanta,GA 30341
Buy A Ladder